MoPlay weekly free bet secure – Pro-Mo Club

The sports betting provider MoPlay has not been on the market very long. Nevertheless, the company has already been able to make a name for itself and has therefore already attracted numerous German bettors to its ranks. Especially due to its numerous bonus campaigns, good odds and a perfect betting offer, MoPlay can score points and is therefore well on the way to becoming one of the best bookmakers.

As with other betting providers, loyal customers receive numerous bonus offers at MoPlay, which can also be accepted by existing customers. The Pro-Mo Club offers a weekly chance on a 5 Euro free bet. In order to be able to participate only a football combination bet with at least three selections and a stake of 10 euro must be platziert. The low minimum odds of just 1.50 are no obstacle to this bonus offer. We took a closer look at the Pro-Mo Club.

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Weekly the chance to win and a 5 Euro free bet

MoPlay offers its active customers a great bonus promotion. Every bettor who places at least 10 Euro on a football combination bet with at least three selections and a minimum total odds of 1.50 will receive a free bet of 5 Euro on his betting account in return.

The bonus conditions are so simple that you can reach the offered free bet even with little credit. In addition, three crystal-clear favourites can also be combined in this promotion, since not every selection must meet the minimum quota, but the quota of 1.50 on the betting slip must be.

Since it is a weekly promotion, some bonus credit can accumulate in a few weeks. By the simple bonus conditions also inexperienced bet friends can access this action and secure themselves the free bet.

Kombiwette platzieren and Gratiswette erhalten

Before it goes to the Kombiwette, bet friends should announce themselves again in the bonus range of MoPlay for the Pro Mo club. This ensures that the free bet lands 100% on the betting account, provided that you have adhered to all bonus conditions.

It is important to note that only football bets may be combined. Only a pure football combination bet brings also the chance on the free bet with itself.

The most ingenious at this MoPlay bonus is surely that the combination bet can also be won. Not only with a loss of the combination bet the free bet is credited with the value of 5 Euro. Thus, players can not only get the win of the qualifying bet, but also the free bet, with which a win can also be achieved.

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Tottenham vs. FC Bayern betting tip & forecast ” 01.10.19

Also in the premier league, Tottenham is now pushing for the first three-way, which is to be played against FC Bayern Munich on Tuesday (October 1, 2019) at 9 p.m. at the home Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. The record-breaking champions got on the track a few weeks ago and also won the Champions League opener. Nevertheless, it is also clear at FCB that this match will be played on a completely different level. But who will win in the end?

Read in this article:

Tottenham vs. Munich in quick succession

  • Pair: Tottenham Hotspur – FC Bayern München
  • Competition: Champions League 2019/20
  • Round: 2nd round Place, 3 points, 3:0 goals

Champions League betting tip Prediction: Number play

  • Weak: Only one win for Tottenham in the last 4 games
  • Clean: 3 home wins for the Spurs in the last 4 home games
  • Scratch: 9 times in a row Bayern has not lost
  • On target 10 goals for the FCB in the last 3 games /li
  • Half: Of 4 compulsory matches against the Spurs, Bayern won 2

Champions League forecast: Form curve of the teams

For the Spurs from Tottenham there were only two wins in the last five games. This is a meagre yield, especially since the Champions League forecast and our betting tips for this match today also swallowed just as many defeats. Certainly the most embarrassing of these was against Colchester in the Cup, where the British were defeated on penalties. Tottenham also lost 2-1 to Leicester City, after a 2-2 draw with Olympiakos at the start of the premier class.

The Bavarians in super condition to London

With a broad chest the record champion travels from Munich to the British capital. The Bavarians have always been successful in the last three games and have taken three wins in a row. Against SC Paderborn there was a 3:2 success, additionally a 4-0 against Cologne and a 3-0 against Belgrade in the first Champions League game. And before that? The Munich team won 1-1 against Leipzig, 6-1 against Mainz and 3-0 against Schalke 04. It was probably rare that the Munich team went into a group match in the Champions League so well prepared. The analysis in our betting tips, in any case, paints a pleasing picture on the part of the record champions.

assessment: Tottenham was just able to turn the corner again and has recently taken another victory. A feeling that the Bavarians already know this season very well.

Statistical and direct comparison

Five games have been played between Tottenham and FC Bayern Munich so far. On the compulsory game level, however, only four games have been played so far. The Bayern won two games and had to admit defeat first. In addition, a draw was recorded, which brings a point on both sides. The last match to which we can refer in the betting tips from professionals dates from July of this year and was a 2:2.


No meaningful balance

In general, the balance in our Champions League forecast is of course not very meaningful here. The compulsory matches are already some years ago, only the test match was played in the recent past. But: In the five matches so far there have been ten goals. That makes an average of 2.00 goals per game. With regard to the obligatory matches, we must also say in the Champions League betting tip prediction that only one of these four games was finished in Over 2.5.

estimation: The history is interesting, but does not really bring any real insight for this game.

Betting tips today for Tottenham Hotspur – FC Bayern München

It is quite possible that things are really going well here. The Spurs have to deliver at home of course, but at the same time the guests from the Bundesliga are in better shape in our eyes at the moment. We hope for offensive football and at the same time for many goals. In our section for safe betting tips, we are aiming for the Over 1.5 in this game. The bookmaker Betsafe offers the best betting odds in a sports betting comparison with a 1.20. This approach can be extended wonderfully with a bet on the Both2Score B2S. For this Comeon delivers with a 1.51 the best odds on the market.

How good are the odds for Tottenham Hotspur – FC Bayern München?

The Spurs have been victorious again in the last game, but overall it doesn’t look very round here. With the Munich team it is a little bit different. The Bavarians have been able to go through the games without any damage this season so far, and have won three games in the last three. It’s back on Säbener Straße and so we’re going back to an away win 2 in the risk betting area. The best betting odds for this are provided by the bookmakers Interwetten with a 2.20. Good for all bonus hunters: The Interwetten bonus can of course be easily released with this recommendation.

estimation: The Bavarians are going strong in this game. Therefore we won’t miss the 2,20 for the away win 2.

betting recommendations from the editorial staff

You want to place a bet on this game with low, medium or high risk? Then we have three suitable sports bets, the selection of which we also explain below.

NetBet: Get 50% cashback at Indian Wells

The first tournament of the Masters 1000 takes place in the Indian Wells. Between March 10th and 20th, California will be exciting. With NetBet, players can now receive up to 50 percent cashback on their net losses. The promotion only applies to the Indian Wells event.

Players must also place pre-live single bets with a minimum stake of 10 euros and a minimum odds of 1.50. For players applies here: The more days they bet, the more cash back they get. Bets placed on four different days can earn up to 5 percent cashback if players have played at the minimum stake.

These are the rules of the game

Customers must confirm their participation on NetBet by signing up for the promotion before 23:69 on 20 March 2016 using the opt-in button. Failure to meet the deadline or to comply with the terms and conditions will result in the bonus not being credited. Only pre-live single bets with a minimum stake of €10 on odds of 1.50 on ATP Indian Wells games are eligible for this promotion. The maximum bonus that can be received is €100.

Customers can receive up to 50% cashback on their net losses on pre-live singles bets on ATP Indian Wells games. Depending on the days they have participated in this event.

For customers the following applies:/Bet 5% cashback on your net losses on 4/10 days, bet 10% cashback on your net losses on 5/10 days. Bet 15% cashback on your net losses on 6/10 days;Cashback on your net losses on 7/10 days=20 % Cashback on your net losses on 8/10 days=25 % Cashback on your net losses on 8/10 daysCashback on your net losses on 9/10 days = 30% Cashback on your net losses on 10/10 days = 50% Cashback on your net losses on 10/10 days = 50% Cashback on your net losses on 10/10 days on 10/10 days on 10/10 days. The NetBet bonus will be transferred within 48 hours of the promotion ending. After that the bonus is usable for 7 days. If the wagering requirements are not met within this time, the bonus will be forfeited. The wagering requirements stipulate that the client must wager the bonus on sporting events with minimum odds of 1.60. Only then can the bonus amount be paid out.

A single bet placed on handicap or over/under markets of any kind is not counted towards the play-through requirements. Combined bets, on the other hand, can include all types of bets as long as the minimum odds on all are met. If there are still wagering requirements of other bonuses, these must be met first. If withdrawal attempts are made, the bonus balance will be forfeited. Bets placed with cash-out do not apply to this promotion. Players attempting to abuse this promotion will also be disqualified from all bonuses.

Gambling addiction? A nasal spray should help against the complaints

Just like drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction is a recognized disease. Not only does it have similar symptoms to other addictions, but it also leads to neglect of family and career. Social contacts are restricted. Gambling addicts are increasingly exposed to their negative feelings. The result: they play more and more. This can become an enormous emotional and economic burden. Finnish researchers who deal with gambling addicts now claim to have found an antidote: A nasal spray that suppresses the urge to play.

In fact, the scientists working at the National Institute for Health and Social Affairs in Helsinki want to start a long-term study in the next few weeks and test the nasal spray in use. So far, there has been no suitable drug for gambling addiction that supports the healing process. With the nasal spray this should now succeed in connection with psychotherapeutic measures. It is important that the patient is not only treated with medication, but is also accompanied by behavioural therapy and the like. The nasal spray naloxone, which is supposed to keep the players from gambling, is a so-called opioid antagonist. This substance is used in anaesthesiology and emergency medicine. Interestingly, it is also used in psychiatry as a drug against alcohol addiction and in the withdrawal from various drugs.

The active ingredient of naloxone

The human body possesses γ hydroxybutyric acid (GHB). This is a neurotransmitter which has dopaminergic effects, i.e. releases dopamine. With the help of an opioid antagonist, the effect of dopamine in the organism can be neutralized. If you don’t know what dopamine is, this substance excites the brain and is also known as happiness hormone. It is usually associated with pleasure and reward. The nasal spray with naloxone is supposed to block the production of dopamine in affected gambling addicts within a few minutes and thus suppress the feeling of pleasure for casino games and other games of chance. The drug thus enables an easy and pleasant escape from addiction. In the study the effect is again examined. 130 people took part in the study. It will last more than a year and will be led by Professor Hannu Alho.

What problems are there with the nasal spray?

The problem with the active substance is that earlier approaches and experiments have already failed. Naloxone does not work fast enough as a tablet due to its slow absorption in the blood. However, since gambling requires rapid action and the impulse to play must be stopped immediately, it requires a drug form that works immediately. The nasal spray is supposed to make this possible. Another problem is that only a few percent of gambling addicts in Germany engage in professional therapy. In addition, those affected cannot imagine complete abstinence. In the future completely without the gambling to do, is not possible for many players. Recidivism is often inevitable. Whether the gambling consumption with the nose spray can be reduced bit by bit, is therefore questionable, although not impossible. However, the drug must first be approved for this purpose.

Tipico betting tax – No tax for Tipico customers on bets

Many of the major sports betting providers pass on the betting tax, which has been payable in Germany since mid-2012, to their customers. In this case, the tax of five percent is calculated either on the stake or the gross profit.

However, there are also some providers who do not pass on the tax to their customers. One of these providers is the sports betting provider Tipico, which was founded in 2000. So far, there is no Tipico betting tax, so that customers get their full profit and the stake is not burdened by the tax./Tipico does not pass on betting tax to customers. Gross profit is equal to net profit for the customer, but there is no visible negative influence on betting odds: On the one hand, the bookmaker exempts them from betting tax by not passing it on to his customers, and on the other hand, he spoils new customers with the attractive Tipico Bonus:

On the first Tipico deposit of maximum 100.00 Euro, there is an additional bonus compensation of 100 percent. Afterwards, deposit and bonus must be converted three times as single or combined bets with a minimum odds of 2.00.

Use Tipico Bonus now!

Calculation example for Tipico bets without tax

The calculation example is very simple at the sports betting provider Tipico, as Tipico does not pass on betting tax to the customer. For example, if you place a 100 Euro Champions League bet with a odds of 1.5 on the Bavarians winning the final, you will receive a credit of 150 Euro in total if you win. The saving at Tipico for the example just mentioned by not having to pay 5 percent tax: 7.50 Euro (=5 percent of 150 Euro). So in the long run it is very profitable to hand in your betting slips at Tipico and not at the competition, because you save five percent of your winnings every time you do so.

Why Tipico has no betting tax

Often, betting customers are confused why since 2012 there is talk about every betting provider being obliged to pay the 5 percent tax, but there are still providers like Tipico who do not charge betting tax. How can this be? Does Tipico use a very special sports betting strategy to avoid the betting tax? No, Tipico pays the betting tax like any other betting provider. The difference: Tipico does not pass on the betting tax to the customer. The bookmaker therefore pays the taxes himself and thus “spares” his customers. Meanwhile, there are only a few bookies left that take over the betting tax completely for the customer (regardless of the outcome of the bet).

High payout rate and still no betting tax

If you find a bookmaker at all, who does not demand betting tax from the customer, but pays it himself, it is often a cheat package. Why? Quite simply: Because in this case a below average payout rate is usually offered, so that the bookmaker can still make a profit. Tipico is different: The betting odds comparison shows that the payout rate of 95 percent is even slightly above average. In the long run, however, Tipico will have problems to exist economically profitable with this business model. Experts therefore expect that Tipico will soon pass on the betting tax to the player like almost every other competitor, but at the moment Tipico is one of the best sports betting providers without betting tax under the given conditions.

Provider portrait: Tipico

Tipico has been active in the betting market since 2004 and has built up a customer base of more than 1.1 million players over the years. Tipico’s roots are even in Germany, although its headquarters have now moved to Malta. Tipico currently employs more than 5,000 people. The core business of course includes the betting area, whereby the casino and games area is continuously being expanded.

The fact that there is no Tipico betting tax is of course particularly attractive here, as the bookmaker will take care of this in any case. But our betting bonus comparison also shows that the 100% bonus on the first deposit at Tipico is extremely attractive. This is granted up to an amount of 100 euros. Tipico also offers various sports betting apps for iPhone and Android, which allow betting on the go.

Read more about tipico Tipico provider rating

NetBet: Cricket bonus up to 5 Euro to the Ashes

The Ashes is a biannual cricket competition between Australia and England. Usually it consists of five tests and is held in the local summer in both countries. The Ashes are regarded by many experts and even generally as the most traditional and important competition in cricket. The name “Ashes” can be traced back to the year 1882: At that time the Sporting Times wrote a glossary in which it said, “In loving memory of the English cricket that died in the oval on August 29, 1882. “…the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia.” The term was immediately taken up and since then the struggle to recover the ashes has been going on.

Ashes promotion at NetBet: 5 Euros received as a free bet

Even if you have rather little knowledge of cricket, a bet on the Ashes at NetBet could still be worthwhile. The online bookmaker offers a bonus of 5 Euro as a free bet if you place a bet of 10 Euro on the market “Exact result” in the Ashes tournament. Regardless of whether the bet wins or loses, you are rewarded for your courage in placing the rather uncertain bet. If you want to participate in the promotion, you must register first. On the promotion page at NetBet you have to press the register button until 7 July 2015. If you miss this deadline, you will not be entitled to the bonus. If you are registered, you can place a qualifying bet. Only pre-match single bets on the market “Exact Result” are valid, which fulfill the minimum stake of 10 Euro. The bet must be placed on the Ashes tournament. Cancelled bets will be excluded. Players residing in any of the following countries are not eligible to participate in this promotion United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Poland, Portugal and certain other countries. The DACH region is eligible to participate in the promotion. In other cases, the full list of valid countries must be checked again.

The bonus of 5 euros will be waiting

The bonus will be credited to brave players on 13 July 2015, after which the bonus will be available for a full 30 days. Within this period, the specified turnover requirements must be met. NetBet requires three times a conversion at a minimum rate of 1.60 before the bonus can be paid out. For combination and system bets, each selection must meet the minimum odds. Forecast and tricast bets on horse races cannot contribute to the turnover requirements. Likewise, single bets on handicap or over/under are excluded for the implementation.

Barbados Casino Review

Barbados Casino has only been present on the German market since July 2017. The online casino offers a stylish and animating website. It is operated by Aspire Global International LTD. The company has its headquarters in Malta and is also licensed here. In addition, the company has a license in Great Britain, which is valid for players from the United Kingdom. Barbados Casino offers a well-mixed portfolio of more than 400 games. Most games are provided by the best-known software providers.

Thanks to the licence in Malta and the additional licence in Great Britain, Barbados Casino stands out clearly from dubious providers. Both licenses are highly regarded and guarantee a fair gaming experience as well as regular payouts. Whether the casino offers the necessary level of security and can be classified as a serious online casino, they learn here in the report of our Barbados Casino experience.

Our Barbados Casino test at a glance

Barbados Casino comes in animated South Sea design. The black web page works already at first sight magically attractive and promises each quantity play passport on the beautiful island. Altogether more than 400 games are offered here by the most popular software providers. Most of the games come from well-known names like Microgaming, NetEnt or Play n’GO. Barbados Casino also offers games from NYX, Amaya and Thunderkick. The online casino’s portfolio consists mainly of classic slots and video slots. In addition, players can also discover various table games and a live casino. Another special feature is the large selection of scratch cards. All in all a successful mixture.

Barbados arranged its play portfolio in such a way that each player becomes fündig. Even if the selection of classical Slots and video Slots clearly outweighs, on-line Casino offers still sufficient Games for fans of table plays and scratch maps. The provider’s live casino is just as versatile. Thanks to the two licenses in Malta and Great Britain, players at Barbados Casino can look forward to a fair game and can benefit from fixed odds and payouts. If you have any questions, you can contact Barbados Casino support via live chat or contact form. Otherwise you will also find a detailed FAQ on the website of the provider.

Barbados Casino in Check: Fraud or serious?

Barbados Casino has two licenses. The license in Malta is generally valid for all players and therefore also applies when accessing the website from Germany. Players living in the UK can rely on the regulation of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Both licenses enjoy an enormously good reputation and guarantee a fair gaming process as well as secure payouts. Fraud can therefore be ruled out. Another advantage of Barbados Casino: The SSL encryption of all data. Security is really important here, therefore all player data is highly encrypted and is not visible to third parties. No matter whether personal data such as address and date of birth or important bank and credit card information, every data transfer is completely encrypted.

The importance of Barbados Casino’s player safety is clearly stated on the website. 100% transparent, the online casino provides accurate information regarding terms and conditions, privacy policies and security. In addition, the provider is also committed to a responsible approach to gambling. On its website, the online casino mentions clear warning signs of gambling addiction and offers every member the opportunity to set their own limits. Who would like, can exclude itself also completely self.

The play selection of Barbados Casino

Barbados specialized completely clearly in classical Slots and video Slots. Most of the over 400 games are slot machines. Nevertheless, the online casino has the right game for every taste. Because apart from the grandiosen Slot selection Barbados Casino offers a broad Portfolio at table plays, each quantity scratch cards and a live Casino. Most games come from well-known software manufacturers such as Microgaming, NetEnt or Play n’GO.

The Home Page of Barbados Casino
The Home Page of Barbados Casino

Online Casino

The range of gaming machines at Barbados Casino is enormous. Here you can find countless classic slots. The best at it: Each play can be tested first in a demo version. Thus also new players can test completely without risk different plays and decide only then for a genuine money employment. Nevertheless even for the demo version a player account must be put on with Barbados Casino.

Beside the classical Slots nearly just as many video Slots line up. Straight well-known and popular Games such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Bonanza or Jack and the Beanstalk find themselves here again. All Games are neatly divided into “Selected Games”, “New”, “Video Slots”, “Classic Slots” and “Casino Games”. In this case the category “Casino Games” stands for table games. A small disadvantage: The games cannot be filtered by software provider. Therefore the existing search bar is all the more practical. Especially with the maximum selection of slots, the search filter can be very helpful.

Almost all games come from Microgaming, NetEnt and Play n’GO. In addition, the best known games from Amaya, NextGen, NYX, Thunderkick and Evolution Gaming can also be played. In the category “Casino Games” there are currently only 20 games. But these are well chosen: Different variants of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker wait for it. In addition, you can also play rare games like Dream Catcher, Deuces Wild and 3 Card Solitaire.

Live Casino

At Live Casino from Barbados Casino the motto is: “Small but nice”. There are only 10 games available. While you can only play two variants of Blackjack here, 5 different types of Roulette are waiting for you. You can also sit down at a Baccarat table or join the Live Dream Catcher. You can expect great thrills with real croupiers and live dealers. The live games at Barbados Casino are provided by Evolution Gaming.

scratch cards

This is really worth seeing: Barbados Casino offers a total of 33 different scratch card games. Thus the on-line Casino clearly stands out from the competition. While the Portfolio of other gambling offerers leaves scratch cards completely outside or only minimally considered, there is here an extra separate column only for scratch cards. You can try your hand at popular games such as Hit the Bank, 7th Heaven, Queen of Diamonds, Keno Deluxe or Wings of Cash. Of course you can also test all scratchcard games in a demo version.

Welcome bonus: Up to 200 € bonus credit + 100 free spins

Barbados Casino advertises with a lucrative welcome bonus of up to 200 €. In addition, new players will also receive 100 free spins. The €200 bonus balance is a 100% deposit bonus. This means that if you deposit €200, you will receive an additional €200 in bonus credit. The offer applies to every new player who is at least 18 years old and has not yet had an account at Barbados Casino. In addition, the welcome bonus is only valid on the first deposit. In order to withdraw any winnings from the offer, the amount must first be wagered 35 times. The offer is a fair deal that creates an incentive to sign up at the online casino. Compared to the competition, however, the welcome bonus is rather average.

To collect the welcome bonus you must first submit a player account to Barbados Casino and then make a first deposit. The bonus can be used from a deposit of at least €10. Since the offer is a 100% deposit bonus, the deposit is simply doubled. That means: If you deposit 50 €, you can play with a total of 100 € credit. In order to take full advantage of the welcome bonus, you should deposit € 200.

Additional to the bonus credit, there are extra free spins waiting. Your first deposit will automatically credit you with 20 Free Spins. If you make another deposit on the second day after your first deposit, you will receive another 40 Free Spins. The second deposit must be at least €20. For a third day deposit, new players will again receive 40 Free Spins – that’s a total of 100 Free Spins on the house. The free spins can be used for the Starburst slot. The third deposit must also be at least 20 € or more. Before winnings from bonus credits can be paid out, the amount must be wagered 35 times.

But that’s not all: Besides the commendable welcome bonus, Barbados Casino offers its players lots of other great promotions: For example, VIP players can benefit from a monthly cashback that compensates for possible losses. Enjoy a money back guarantee and even more fun – every stake counts. In addition, Barbados Casino gives its players the opportunity to participate in regularly changing promotions. Currently you can win cash, an iPhone X or an Apple Watch in a promotion in cooperation with Play n’GO. Especially regular members are in good hands here, because at Barbados Casino loyalty is rewarded. Players have the chance to join the Exclusive Club and advance to the Prestige Vip. Who has reached this status can enjoy free games, bonus cash, higher deposit and withdrawal limits and personal offers.

Deposits and withdrawals at Barbados Casino

Barbados Casino is a real multi-currency casino and accepts Euro, depending on the deposit method, American dollars, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, crowns and yen. The online casino is just as versatile in the acceptance of payment options. Players can make deposits via Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Sofort Überweisung, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, Zimpler, paysafecard, Euteller, entropay and Co. Just as pleasing: Deposits are already possible from 10 €. This makes Barbados Casino extremely accommodating and customer-friendly. The deposited money is also booked directly to the player account and is immediately available. Only Wire-Transfer deposits can cause delays of up to 6 business days.

Every cool: Even payouts are possible at Barbados Casino from 10 €. Thus the online casino is enormously in front in comparison to the competition. The list of accepted withdrawal methods is not quite as long, but still amazing: Transfers via Visa, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Trustly, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, Wire Transfer, Insta Debit and entropay are accepted. The duration always depends on the payment method. Normally, however, the money paid out is already paid after 3 days. The slowest payouts take up to a maximum of 6 to 8 business days. All withdrawals can be cancelled within 24 hours. If multiple withdrawals are made within 24 hours, they will be combined. In general, Barbados Casino is extremely generous and transparent when it comes to payment options.

Security and Regulation: Licenses in Malta and the UK

To protect your money, you should only play in casinos that have a valid license. This is the case at Barbados Casino. The online casino even has two licenses. While the provider’s website is generally operated by Aspire Global International LTD, which is based and licensed in Malta, the responsibility for the website for UK players lies with AG Communications Limited. AG Communications Limited has been licensed in the UK and is therefore regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. For players in Germany, however, the licence of the gaming supervisory authority in Malta applies. Both licenses are highly regarded and are considered absolutely secure, and you are therefore protected on this site from fraud and any rip-off.

An additional security at Barbados Casino: The fair game play. Each new game series that is released is pre-tested by a computer-based system. An innovative random number generator ensures a general winning chance of 1 out of 3. Each game is encrypted by the system. This system has been thoroughly checked in millions of test rounds and is of course regularly maintained. Another plus point: Barbados Casino tries to inform its members when the main prizes in a series have already been paid out. You can find out more about this directly on the provider’s website. Also here Barbados shows up extremely transparently and gives information to the play expiration as well as winning possibilities.

Support and customer service: Live chat and e-mail

If you have any questions, please contact the Barbados Casino support team. This is attainable 7 days the weeks in each case from 6 to 23 o’clock. It works fastest, if you write to the Kundenservice simply directly via live Chat. Who would like, can send the support likewise a E-Mail. This works using a contact form and is especially recommended outside regular working hours. In addition, there is also the option of reaching Barbados Casino via a hotline. Thus the on-line Casino proves as very obliging and customer-oriented.

Who answers itself its questions rather its questions, can make itself smart in the extensive FAQ of on-line casinos. Here the most important questions are listed and provided with a suitable answer. Under the TOP 5 questions, you find all answers concerning personal data, deposits and payments, Boni, technology, premium program and general questions. A short click on the question suffices beautifully divided and already one is passed on to the suitable answer – really exemplary.

User friendliness of the web page: Animating and clearly

On the first view the web page of Barbados Casino appears wild and animating. The black background and the bright colors invite you to have a lot of fun. But that’s not all: Despite the action-packed layout, the website is well structured and clear. All games are neatly arranged and at the bottom of the page you will find helpful information about security, data protection and licenses. If you want, you can find games directly by using the search bar. The only drawback is that the games cannot be subdivided by software manufacturer.

Barbados Casino in mobile casinos

Barbados Casino does not yet have its own app. Nevertheless a multiplicity of the ordered plays can be enjoyed also in the mobile Casino. The web page of on-line casinos is callable from each Smartphone and Tablet from in a fully mobile-optimized version. Thanks to NetEnt Touch and a clear arrangement of functions, a game can be optimally controlled or deposits and withdrawals made with just one finger. Thanks to this excellent implementation, Barbados Casino is also suitable for players who like to gamble on the go.

Result: Transparent and well-structured online casino

Our Barbados Casino experience has convinced us in several ways. The first thing we have to praise is the high security. With two licenses in Malta and Great Britain and an SSL-encrypted website, every player is in good hands. Another plus point: maximum transparency and customer friendliness. On the website, players will find detailed information on payment methods, security, data protection and game play. If you like, you can also check out the extensive FAQ. Barbados Casino is also extremely accommodating when it comes to payment methods and accepts almost any payment option. The same applies to the welcome bonus. New players can look forward to 200 € bonus credit and up to 100 free spins – that is a really fair deal.

Beautifully designed and clearly structured, over 400 games from the most popular software manufacturers can be found here. Especially games from Microgaming, NetEnt and Play n’GO are represented. Barbados Casino focuses on classic slots and video slots. In addition, the online casino offers a successful selection of table games and a live casino. Another special feature: the maximum selection of scratch cards. All in all, Barbados Casino is an online casino that is especially suitable for players who attach great importance to maximum security and transparency, and a possible rip-off is completely excluded with this provider.

BetVictor: 5 Euro Live Betting Bonus for Tottenham vs. Chelsea

With over 50 years of experience in the field of sports betting, BetVictor is today a competent partner in the online entertainment sector. In addition to sports betting in 25 different sports, the company also offers its customers casino and poker. For some time now, betting enthusiasts have also had mobile access available.

At BetVictor you get a 5 euro free live bet if you place the same amount as a pre-match bet in advance. In the next sections interested players are informed, to which match and which bet markets this mad action applies. It is also worth taking a closer look at the new customer bonus, as the Betvictor test was very positive and can be recommended to any player.

Register 5 Euro Live Bet secure!

Of course you need a BetVictor account to use this action. It is recommended to use the link from this news in order to set up a betting account with the bookmaker. The registration can be skipped if you already have an account with the bookmaker. In this case you only need to log in and off you go! Now you have to register to take part in the action. To do this, go to the “Actions” field and then click on “Participate” for the “5 Euro Live Betting Bonus”.

You now place a pre-match bet with a stake of 5 Euro on the current game for the action on one of the following betting markets: correct result, first goal scorer, goal scorer at any time, goal scorer plus, scorecast, game action or player special. The live betting bonus of 5 Euro will be credited immediately afterwards and can then be used for the corresponding game. The current match for the 5 Euro Live Betting Bonus is today: Wednesday, 04.01.2017, 21:00 Uhr: Tottenham vs. Chelsea

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More important details about the action

To be sorry, it is not possible to combine the action with other actions or bonuses, such as the BetVictor bonus. The 5 Euro free bet can be used for any live betting market to play the action, if you do not use it, it expires with the final whistle of the game. The free bet can also be divided into several small bets. After a single conversion, the winnings from the free bet can be paid out. All details can also be read in the terms and conditions of BetVictor.

A really exclusive promotion, which is actually a 100% bonus, because you have to bet 5 Euro yourself and will surely get 5 Euro for free – no matter how the qualifying bet ends. Not to be despised is that the live bet applies to all betting markets and can be divided besides on several small bets. The absolute highlight is that there is no minimum odds and the winnings of the free bet are directly payable after a one-time transfer. This great promotion by Betvictor is recommended to every sports betting fan and can be used immediately without hesitation.

Secure free bets for the World Cup with Netbet

Founded in France in 2001, Netbet now operates with a valid EU license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. Thus, the bookmaker has fulfilled all requirements for a secure and serious betting environment. In the test, the betting provider convinced with a multitude of bonus offers for new and existing customers.

The Football World Cup in Russia is almost upon us. At Netbet, all customers currently have the chance to secure free bets worth up to 50 euros for the World Cup in Russia until the start of the World Cup for qualifying bets on selected sporting events.

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up to 50 euros in free bets for the World Cup in Russia

For the “World Cup 2018 in Russia” campaign the following applies: The more qualifying bets are placed, the more free bets for the World Cup can be collected. All Netbet clients can participate. Those who have not yet registered with Netbet can now register a new customer account. A click on the registration button opens the registration form. As soon as the required personal data has been entered, the registration of a new betting account is already completed. New clients are also rewarded with an attractive Netbet bonus code, which is granted for the first qualifying deposit.

In order to participate in the current World Cup promotion, a registration on the promotion page is necessary. Every participant who places a qualifying bet on a selected sporting event on Netbet secures a free bet worth 5 euros. A qualifying sports bet should have a stake of at least 20 Euro and must not fall below a minimum odds of 1.50. Pre-match and live single bets are taken into account. The selected sporting events are:

  • 06.05.2018: Barcelona against Real Madrid
  • 12.05.2018 Hoffenheim against Dortmund
  • 19.05.2018 Bayern Munich against Frankfurt
  • 26.05.2018 Champions League Final
  • 27.05.2018 Roland Garros
  • 02.06.2018 Austria vs. Germany
  • 08.06.2018 Germany vs. Saudi Arabia
  • 10.06.2018 Roland Garros

Additional conditions of participation and turnover

Per participant/ID and account Netbet grants a free bet of 5 Euro for each qualifying bet on the selected sporting events. The free bets will be credited to the respective participants within 72 hours after evaluation of the valid sports bets and can be used for any games of the World Cup in Russia. Each Netbet client can secure freebets with a maximum value of 50 Euro. Freebets can only be placed as a whole. It is not possible to split freebets between several sporting events. If a win is made with the freebet, the net winnings are subject to the bonus conditions of the bookmaker. Before a payout is requested, the roll over conditions must be completely fulfilled. Further participation and turnover conditions can be found on the operator’s website.

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