Will Nuremberg Eintracht Braunschweig fall into the relegation swamp?

While 1 FC Nürnberg, with a five-point lead in third place, have good cards on their hands for advancement, Eintracht Braunschweig still have to fear for the preservation of their class. Although Lower Saxony already have 39 points to their name, and that three matchdays before the end, the relegation zone is not far away. FC St. Pauli, in third-last place, are only two points off the pace. What speaks particularly for the Braunschweig team at the moment is the fact that they have lost only eight of their 31 matches. This also means a positive goal difference. However, the Nuremburgers have the chance to tie their promotion on Monday, 30 April 2018, from 20.30 hrs. If necessary, they may even be able to regain the top spot in the standings on Matchday 32. To do so, however, the Düsseldorfers at the top will have to play at least a draw. In the Max Morlock Stadium in Nuremberg, the FCN should have a good chance of success. Whereby the Nuremburgers scored more points away from home than they did at home.

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Nuremberg vs. Braunschweig in quick succession

    • Pairing: 1st FC Nuremberg – Eintracht Braunschweig
    • Competition: 2nd Bundesliga season 2017/18
    • Round: 32nd Bundesliga season 2017/18
    • Round: 32nd Bundesliga season 2017/18

liCompetition: 2nd Bundesliga season 2017/18

liCompetition: 32nd Bundesliga season 2017/18

liliCompetition: 32nd Bundesliga season 2017/18

liliCompetition: 32nd Bundesliga season 2017/18 Matchday

  • Kick-off: Monday, 30 April 2018 at 20.30
  • Location: Max Morlock Stadium, Nuremberg
  • FCN: 2nd place, 54 points, 55:36 goals
  • BTSV: 12th place Place, 39 points, 35:33 goals

Playing numbers

  • Four victories: Go to the 1st place in nine direct encounters. FC Nuremberg /li
  • Three victories: Braunschweig has to announce, which leaves two draws
  • Without defeat: FCN has been in the game for four and BTSV for three games /li
  • 55 goals: The Nuremberg team has already scored in 31 games of the season /li
  • 33 goals against: Had to accept the Braunschweig team in this respect /li

Form curve of the teams

If we look at the form of both teams, it is noticeable that both Nuremberg and Braunschweig have only suffered one defeat in the past seven games. But where the Nuremberg team with three victories and three draws are to be found high up, the BTSV is still struggling to maintain its class with four draws and two won games.

Nuremberg lost the last league game in Bielefeld. After the final whistle it was 0:1 on the Alm, and after that there were no more bankruptcies. With a 1:1 in the home game against SV Darmstadt 98, the FCN still fell short of expectations. Instead, a 2:1 victory in the friendly match against SV Ried was achieved. Afterwards there was another 1:1 draw in Dresden. The Franconians also won their home game with a 3:2 victory over Heidenheim. As guests in Ingolstadt, the Nuremburgers had to settle for another 1:1 draw. In return, they achieved an important victory last Monday. Because on a visit to Kiel, the third in the table was robbed of all points at 3:1.

Evaluation: Nuremberg has the better form. This is not so much due to the results, but rather to the recent strong performance at home.

Statistical and direct comparison

If we look at the direct comparison, the Nuremberg players are slightly overweight. Because where the Franconians were victorious four times, the Lower Saxons won three games. That leaves, with nine direct encounters, two draws left. And so the last five games ended from the FCN’s point of view: 3:2, 1:1, 1:6, 1:3 and 2:1. Once again, everything was on a par. And so the previous home games of the Nuremberg team against the BTSV ended: 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and 2:1. No defeat and at least one goal was scored on each side.

Nuremberg is second. With 54 points and two points behind the top, the championship of the 2nd Bundesliga can still be won in the last three games. The gap to the relegation place is already five points. Just one more victory could mean promotion. Of course, only if Holstein Kiel also plays. With 15 wins, nine draws and seven defeats, FCN has come through the season well. In addition, with 55:36 goals, one of the best goal ratios in the game. At home there were seven wins, four draws and four defeats, with 28:20 goals.

Braunschweig is twelfth. With 39 points, the preservation of the class three games before the end is by no means assured. Because St. Pauli in 16th place already has 37 points on the account. Eight wins, 15 draws and eight defeats can be an advantage for the unity in the fight against relegation. After all, this is accompanied by a solid goal difference of 35:33 goals. Away, there were only two wins, but nine draws and four defeats. There were 15:17 goals in 15 games.

Evaluation: According to more probable than the Nuremberg victory the draw could be.

The Over 1.5 goals came in direct comparison last and also in the past games of Nuremberg actually always before. Therefore, the odds of 1.35 at Mybet is remarkable. In addition, this also applies to both teams meet (B2S). For this there is a 1.90 at Betway as a quota. We also recommend the draw, as Braunschweig has already shown in nine of 15 away games. The odds of 3.70 at Bet3000 are set quite high – good for us!

estimation: The Both2Score is an interesting bet, which takes both the direct comparison and the results of Nuremberg last. The odds of 1.90 already stand out a bit. Betway is also a great bookmaker!

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