mybet cup laws: save 5 Euro bonus per favourite fall

Mybet has come up with a special campaign for the cup games on 27th and 28th October 2015: Customers can save 5 Euro per favourite fall from this bookie.

Within the scope of this advertising campaign, all customers of mybet can save a bonus of 5 Euro if a team from the 1st Bundesliga is eliminated against a team from the 2nd or 3rd Bundesliga or the regional league in the DFB Cup. For this only a deposit of at least 30 Euro is necessary. Afterwards the customers may lean back and enjoy the DFB cup plays.

The conditions of participation of this advertising campaign

To be able to participate in this action of mybet, an active customer account must be naturally present with this bookmaker. After login an amount of at least 30 Euro has to be paid into the customer account in the time of Monday, 26.10.2015 and Tuesday, 27.10.2015. For each team from the 1st Bundesliga that is eliminated against a subclass team, the mybet customers will then receive a bonus amount of 5 euros. Customers must register for this promotion.

Payments can also be made in several steps. However, in order to qualify for participation in this promotion, the required amount must be credited to the customer account by 27.10.2015. Any deposit fees incurred must be deducted from the required minimum deposit amount. The bonus can only be given once per person/household/computer. Before a withdrawal of the bonus amount can be requested, it must first be converted three times. A minimum quota of 2.00 may not be undercut.

Top game of the DFB Cup: SC Freiburg – FC Augsburg

The second league team SC Freiburg and the first league team FC Augsburg will meet at the Schwarzwald-Stadion in Freiburg im Breisgau on Wednesday, 28.10.2015 within the framework of the DFB Cup. The spectacle starts at 19:00 and the fans can look forward to an exciting match. SC Freiburg currently leads the 2nd Bundesliga as relegated team with 24 points, but the team from Breisgau are only one point ahead of Rasenballsport Leipzig on rank 2 – nevertheless a decent performance, which the kickers from Freiburg have shown so far. The relegation to the 2nd league they seem to have long since coped with. After a fantastic past season, in which the Augsburger could set the one or other club record, it does not seem to want to run at all in this season and thus FC Augsburg forms at present with 5 meager points the tail light of the 1st league table. With constant performances the kickers from Augsburg will not be able to prevent a relegation any more.

Mybet offers for a victory of SC Freiburg a quota of 2.45, with a victory of FC Augsburg there is a quota of 2.80 and for a draw the bookmaker offers a quota of 3.40.