Hoffenheim extended with coach Markus Gidsol

In this Bundesliga season there have already been some coach changes and some more will follow at the end of the season.

The most surprising news this week was the farewell of Jürgen Klopp, who will cancel his contract with BVB early this summer. Tuchel will be considered as a potential successor. Hamburg has already hired Bruno Labbadia as a new coach for the coming season and VfB Stuttgart is associated with Alexander Zorniger. Hoffenheim is satisfied with Markus Gidsol and has therefore prematurely extended the 45-year-old’s contract.

Markus Gidsol until 2018 in Hoffenheim

The TSG Hoffenheim has played its way into the first Bundesliga in recent years. One can owe this among other things to the successful coach Markus Gidsol, with whom the sport executive committee is obviously very content. Actually the contract of Gidsol would have expired only in 2016, but one would like to cooperate in any case two further years. The contract of the head coach was extended prematurely until 2018. Gidsol has been in office since 2013 and has been able to achieve greater success with his team since then. In the first year, he saved the team from relegation and since then the team has continued to climb. This year even the chance to participate in the Europa League is still open.

Therefore, there are no reasons for leaving Gidsol. Instead the TSG was visibly inspired, after the coach put his signature under the premature contract extension. “We are pleased much about the agreement come off , were quoted Peter Rettig on the association homepage. The chairman of the TSG management made thereby the second important step in the future planning. At the beginning of the year, Alexander Rosen, Direct for Professional Football, was presented with a new contract and signed it. In Hoffenheim one strives for the stability of some other federal league oath comrades.

Gidsol himself wants to go high with Hoffenheim, because “we have the ambitious goal of establishing TSG Hoffenheim as a permanent fixture in one of the strongest leagues in the world, of continuously developing the team further and of being able to play a noticeable, attractive role with our way of playing.”

It will still be difficult against Bavaria

At the weekend, Hoffenheim will welcome FC Bayern Munich, who lost to FC Porto in the Champions League during the week. With a gap of only two points to sixth place, a win (5.50 at bet365) against Bayern could mean a leap to the European Cup places. It is well known, however, that after a defeat the Munichers are made so hot that this jump will most likely not succeed. It is not for nothing that the Munich team is the clear favourite of the game with 1.60. Bayern has never lost against Hoffenheim – in the 13 games Hoffenheim could only get four draws (4.20).

The bet365 odds are correct at the time of publication and may change.

Karl-Heinz Riedle celebrates return to BVB

Karl-Heinz Riedle played from 1994 to 1997 in the first Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund and quite successfully. The man, who is now already 49 years old, won the Champions League with BVB and contributed significantly to the victory with two goals. Now he is back in Dortmund.

Karl-Heinz Riedle experienced perhaps one of his most emotional moments in his life with BVB. In 1997 he won the Champions League with Borussia Dortmund and even scored second goals. In the 3:1 victory over Juventus Turin, these two goals were enormously important. But not only in  in the Champions League Riedle was successful. They also won the German Championship twice in their time. During the career of the 42-time national player Riedle got around a lot. He also played for Lazio Rome and in England for FC Fulham and Liverpool FC. Now he is to take on new tasks at BVB.

Riedle will be the new representative for international travel

“Kalle Riedle is a BVB icon. He is world champion, multiple German champion, Champions League winner”, the Dortmund managing director Joachim Watzke welcomed Riedle’s appointment. He had a “big, black and yellow heart” and was an “authentic, likeable guy”. These qualities have now given him a new role at BVB. In future, he will act as a representative of the BVB on international trips and answer the sometimes annoying press questions. He may also be able to bring a certain spirit to the team, which has been lacking for the last few matchdays, at least in the first Bundesliga.

Whether Riedle’s commitment will have an impact on performance in the Bundesliga is unlikely. In any case, the BVB professionals could use all the help they can get. Things are going well in the Champions League, but quite the opposite is true for the Bundesliga. The win against Gladbach was at least a ray of hope on the last matchday. However, this was due to a big mistake by the opponent. This Sunday, they want to make it on their own. With an odds of 1.44 at bet365 the victory against Eintracht Frankfurt should be. A draw would be with 4.50 rather insufficient and a defeat or a victory of the Frankfurters is with 6.50 actually out of the question.

The bet365 odds are correct at the time of publication and are subject to change.

Gambling addiction? A nasal spray should help against the complaints

Just like drug and alcohol addiction, gambling addiction is a recognized disease. Not only does it have similar symptoms to other addictions, but it also leads to neglect of family and career. Social contacts are restricted. Gambling addicts are increasingly exposed to their negative feelings. The result: they play more and more. This can become an enormous emotional and economic burden. Finnish researchers who deal with gambling addicts now claim to have found an antidote: A nasal spray that suppresses the urge to play.

In fact, the scientists working at the National Institute for Health and Social Affairs in Helsinki want to start a long-term study in the next few weeks and test the nasal spray in use. So far, there has been no suitable drug for gambling addiction that supports the healing process. With the nasal spray this should now succeed in connection with psychotherapeutic measures. It is important that the patient is not only treated with medication, but is also accompanied by behavioural therapy and the like. The nasal spray naloxone, which is supposed to keep the players from gambling, is a so-called opioid antagonist. This substance is used in anaesthesiology and emergency medicine. Interestingly, it is also used in psychiatry as a drug against alcohol addiction and in the withdrawal from various drugs.

The active ingredient of naloxone

The human body possesses γ hydroxybutyric acid (GHB). This is a neurotransmitter which has dopaminergic effects, i.e. releases dopamine. With the help of an opioid antagonist, the effect of dopamine in the organism can be neutralized. If you don’t know what dopamine is, this substance excites the brain and is also known as happiness hormone. It is usually associated with pleasure and reward. The nasal spray with naloxone is supposed to block the production of dopamine in affected gambling addicts within a few minutes and thus suppress the feeling of pleasure for casino games and other games of chance. The drug thus enables an easy and pleasant escape from addiction. In the study the effect is again examined. 130 people took part in the study. It will last more than a year and will be led by Professor Hannu Alho.

What problems are there with the nasal spray?

The problem with the active substance is that earlier approaches and experiments have already failed. Naloxone does not work fast enough as a tablet due to its slow absorption in the blood. However, since gambling requires rapid action and the impulse to play must be stopped immediately, it requires a drug form that works immediately. The nasal spray is supposed to make this possible. Another problem is that only a few percent of gambling addicts in Germany engage in professional therapy. In addition, those affected cannot imagine complete abstinence. In the future completely without the gambling to do, is not possible for many players. Recidivism is often inevitable. Whether the gambling consumption with the nose spray can be reduced bit by bit, is therefore questionable, although not impossible. However, the drug must first be approved for this purpose.