Cancel and delete Betsafe account – How to do it correctly

If you are not satisfied with Betsafe as an online bookmaker, this can have many reasons. In the first years after market entry, Betsafe has been particularly noticed for the strong limitations of the players who have placed their bets on the top odds of the bookies. This procedure belongs however meanwhile to the past.

You find closer information to the current efficiency of the bet offerer in our Betsafe test. If you still want to cancel your Betsafe account, we will show you below how to get the fastest results.

An overview of the most important facts

  • Contact customer support
  • Apply for data deletion
  • Also Betsafe may cancel
  • Clear statement in AGBs

The account deletion in the General Terms and Conditions

Betsafe has explicitly anchored the right of cancellation for customers in the General Terms and Conditions. Quote: “The customer can close his account at any time. Betsafe refunds the customer all available credit on the account, subject to any payment fees.” With this regulation Betsafe assures you at the same time the payment of money, whereby the transfer variant is at the discretion of the betting provider. You should in any case remain reachable for Betsafe via your known communication channels. If Betsafe cannot transfer your money and cannot locate you, the balance will be placed in the custody of the Maltese Lottery Gaming Authority after 30 months.

How to cancel correctly – Email sufficient

Our experience has shown that to delete a Betsafe account it is sufficient to send an email to customer support. In your text, refer to the quoted passage from the terms and conditions. At the same time you should demand a confirmation of receipt and ask for deletion within a reasonable period of time, maximum one month. Normally, if the bookmaker does not have any claims against you, the account will be deactivated immediately.

However, please note that the deletion of your Betsafe account does not mean the destruction of your data. The betting provider has to keep these for at least three years due to the license requirements. Only after this period can the data be sorted out. However, we recommend that you request data deletion directly in your cancellation letter and insist on a corresponding commitment from the bookie.

How does account deletion work at your own request?

1. contact with Betsafe

Who decides to close his account at Betsafe himself, must first contact the support (link: We strongly recommend that you contact Betsafe by email, not by phone.

2. Confirm account deletion

The message to support should show that you are interested in an unlimited suspension of your account (do not forget your user data). In addition, we recommend to set Betsafe a reasonable time limit of one month and insist on a confirmation.

3. Betsafe processes request and performs last activities

Before Betsafe can delete the account completely, the support will ask the user to pay out any credit and wait for active betting tips. Only then the account can be finally deleted. Attention: The personal data must be stored according to our information still three years with Betsafe.

The right of termination by the online provider

The same right for both sides – of course, the online bookmaker may also terminate the Betsafe account and this without further justifications. The corresponding passage in the General Terms and Conditions reads: “Betsafe reserves the right to close an account at its own discretion and without giving reasons and without prior notice and to refund the customer the available balance, subject to any payout fees incurred.” The customer is entitled to cancel the Betsafe account without notice. Of course, fraudulent activities on your part are excluded from this rule. If you try to benefit from the Betsafe bonus more than once with double registrations or use the playsite for money laundering activities, then the online betting provider is even entitled to block your player account including the available credit.

Reasons for a Betsafe ban

1. Double account

A frequent reason why Betsafe has to block accounts itself is the suspicion of a double account. This means that a player has more than one account. According to Betsafe’s General Terms and Conditions this is not allowed. If you get caught with this, Betsafe will definitely block you.

2. fake data

If you log in to Betsafe with wrong data, you will be blocked sooner or later. Our Betsafe experiences show that the Bookie recognizes fake data very fast and then takes appropriate measures. We therefore recommend that you enter all data completely and honestly so that you can bet without any problems.

3. Criminal activities

In addition, criminal activities of any kind naturally lead to the Betsafe account being blocked. It does not matter what kind of crime is committed here.

Betsafe in bookmaker check

The Group Betsafe SA (based in San Jose, Costa Rica) has been operating the Bookie Betsafe since 2006 and currently employs around 150 people. These care for a customer master of approximately 150,000. Our bet bonus comparison shows that the new customer bonus of this bookmaker can see itself quite. This is a 50 percent bonus, limited to 100 euros. By the way: The Betsafe bonus is of course also available if you register with the sports betting apps.

In terms of odds, Betsafe is also worth seeing in the most important leagues with a payout ratio of 92 to 93 percent, although it must be said that in our betting odds comparison there is one or the other bookie that can surpass this.


All in all, our betting provider comparison shows that Betsafe as a bookmaker of Scandinavian origin can hold its own well on the highly competitive betting market. Betsafe is suitable above all for players with a broadly set up sport bet strategy in many kinds of sport, since the variety is particularly high here.

Naturally it is possible with Betsafe without problems by means of a short message to the support to lock its account on own desire. The fact that Betsafe itself blocks the account usually only happens if you register twice, provide fake data or commit criminal activities.

Tipico betting tax – No tax for Tipico customers on bets

Many of the major sports betting providers pass on the betting tax, which has been payable in Germany since mid-2012, to their customers. In this case, the tax of five percent is calculated either on the stake or the gross profit.

However, there are also some providers who do not pass on the tax to their customers. One of these providers is the sports betting provider Tipico, which was founded in 2000. So far, there is no Tipico betting tax, so that customers get their full profit and the stake is not burdened by the tax./Tipico does not pass on betting tax to customers. Gross profit is equal to net profit for the customer, but there is no visible negative influence on betting odds: On the one hand, the bookmaker exempts them from betting tax by not passing it on to his customers, and on the other hand, he spoils new customers with the attractive Tipico Bonus:

On the first Tipico deposit of maximum 100.00 Euro, there is an additional bonus compensation of 100 percent. Afterwards, deposit and bonus must be converted three times as single or combined bets with a minimum odds of 2.00.

Use Tipico Bonus now!

Calculation example for Tipico bets without tax

The calculation example is very simple at the sports betting provider Tipico, as Tipico does not pass on betting tax to the customer. For example, if you place a 100 Euro Champions League bet with a odds of 1.5 on the Bavarians winning the final, you will receive a credit of 150 Euro in total if you win. The saving at Tipico for the example just mentioned by not having to pay 5 percent tax: 7.50 Euro (=5 percent of 150 Euro). So in the long run it is very profitable to hand in your betting slips at Tipico and not at the competition, because you save five percent of your winnings every time you do so.

Why Tipico has no betting tax

Often, betting customers are confused why since 2012 there is talk about every betting provider being obliged to pay the 5 percent tax, but there are still providers like Tipico who do not charge betting tax. How can this be? Does Tipico use a very special sports betting strategy to avoid the betting tax? No, Tipico pays the betting tax like any other betting provider. The difference: Tipico does not pass on the betting tax to the customer. The bookmaker therefore pays the taxes himself and thus “spares” his customers. Meanwhile, there are only a few bookies left that take over the betting tax completely for the customer (regardless of the outcome of the bet).

High payout rate and still no betting tax

If you find a bookmaker at all, who does not demand betting tax from the customer, but pays it himself, it is often a cheat package. Why? Quite simply: Because in this case a below average payout rate is usually offered, so that the bookmaker can still make a profit. Tipico is different: The betting odds comparison shows that the payout rate of 95 percent is even slightly above average. In the long run, however, Tipico will have problems to exist economically profitable with this business model. Experts therefore expect that Tipico will soon pass on the betting tax to the player like almost every other competitor, but at the moment Tipico is one of the best sports betting providers without betting tax under the given conditions.

Provider portrait: Tipico

Tipico has been active in the betting market since 2004 and has built up a customer base of more than 1.1 million players over the years. Tipico’s roots are even in Germany, although its headquarters have now moved to Malta. Tipico currently employs more than 5,000 people. The core business of course includes the betting area, whereby the casino and games area is continuously being expanded.

The fact that there is no Tipico betting tax is of course particularly attractive here, as the bookmaker will take care of this in any case. But our betting bonus comparison also shows that the 100% bonus on the first deposit at Tipico is extremely attractive. This is granted up to an amount of 100 euros. Tipico also offers various sports betting apps for iPhone and Android, which allow betting on the go.

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