Best online bookmakers for sports betting: Bonus, tips, comparison

Choosing the right bookmaker for sports betting is not always easy. There are countless bookmakers on the Internet offering a wide variety of betting offers and services. And not always at the best conditions.

The criteria for finding a suitable provider should therefore not be limited to the betting offer alone. Customer service, security, quality and bonus also play a role. Especially the bonus is an important criterion. As a new customer, you are entitled to a bookmaker bonus, which additionally increases your betting chances. This bonus varies from provider to provider. The best online bookmakers usually offer a deposit bonus of up to 100 percent (usually a maximum of 100 euros) and/or free bets.

Best Online Bookmakers: Many criteria are decisive

The betting provider comparison should, however, consider further criteria in addition to the bonus system and possible free bets. Because the best online bookmaker does not necessarily have to have the highest betting bonus. Other factors for a long-term sports betting fun are at least as decisive. Rather it depends on the overall package. The best online bookmaker in Germany should have a license from Europe, guarantee a high security standard, offer numerous payment methods and be reliable. In the best case, the best online bookmakers have several years of market experience. This is actually always the case with the best online bookmakers in the test presented by us. In addition, some of the best bookmakers work without tax, i.e. they do not pass the betting tax on to the customers, but rather take it over themselves. The best online bookmaker Tipico offers exemplary tax exemption.

If the odds are still TOP, nothing stands in the way of placing bets. The best online bookmaker odds, as they are available at SBObet for example, can be easily filtered through our odds comparison.

Best online bookmakers: own wishes should not be left out

Of course, betting friends should not leave their own wishes out. Personal preferences are important. Some players want to have a bookie that offers lucrative football bets, other betting friends want high and stable odds, while other players want to have an attractive new customer bonus. However, we advise not to focus only on tempting offers, because they are of no use if the customer’s favourite sport is not in the betting offer at the best online bookmaker or the provider does not show itself to be 100% fair. We at have tried to take all these factors into account in our “best online bookmaker comparison”.

For betting friends it is therefore important to obtain sufficient information about the relevant bookmaker before the first registration. The following questions, for example, should be answered:

  • From what amount are payouts of winnings possible?
  • How fast is the payout and by what means?
  • Which secure deposit options can be used?/Are live bets available?
  • When and how can the company’s customer service be reached?

When all these points are taken into account, it is possible to find the best online betting bonus. With a best online bookmaker, the winnings are immediately available for further bets on the betting account anyway. In addition, a professional provider pays out the winnings the following day at the latest. Bookies that only use fee-based payment systems, however, are not recommended, as further costs are incurred due to fees. It should also be possible to make payments by bank transfer, e-wallets such as Skrill or Neteller, and by credit card. As it turns out, the best online bookmakers also offer Paypal as a payment method. In case of any problems it is important that the customer service is available by phone or at least by live chat and e-mail.

The most important online bookmakers have a TOP new customer bonus

We find that in the bookmakers sports betting comparison bonus offers must be put through their paces. Our betting bonus comparison clearly shows why this is so. Not every bonus that seems worthwhile at first glance is. The reason is the bonus regulations. Every online bookmaker decides which conditions he attaches to the bonus in order to bind a customer to the portal as long as possible. As a rule, these are sales conditions. This means that the betting bonus has to be converted several times in total – a certain time frame is set for this. Here some offerers extend strongly to and button in our opinion too much money off. Therefore, they do not perform as well in comparison. A fair bonus is fun and brings added value not only to the bookmaker but also to the customer – despite bonus conditions. Therefore, a good new customer bonus is an interesting indicator for the best bookmakers sports betting.

You should not lose sight of the bonus, but compare which offer suits you best. The Sportingbet Promo Code offer, for example, is a simple but well thought out promotion that gives customers great betting opportunities without having to make a deposit. If you are looking for a high bonus amount, Betway is the place to be. Up to 250€ is available at very fair Betway bonus conditions.

Can a provider with good offers and promotions score with you? But is that what appeals to you as a customer? We have looked at the individual providers to filter out the best online bookmakers 2017 with excellent bonus programs. The best online bookmaker Betway can certainly score big points with the bonus. Our best sports betting provider is of course also to be considered.

/h2theme security – what are our best online bookmaker experiences? br/h2

The bookmakers sports bets should be safe and fair with a top betting provider. This is only possible if the operator can meet certain security criteria. These include a license. This license is usually issued in the country where the bookmaker has its headquarters. This means that the bookie is regulated and controlled by the authorities there. It is clear that the safety standards of a licence from a European country are better than those on a Caribbean island. This means that the best online bookmakers have a license from Malta, Gibraltar or Schleswig-Holstein. Furthermore, good bookmakers are equipped with different seals and run with high-quality and renowned software. Furthermore these operators have a modern SSL encryption. This is important, because the customer has to transfer important and sensitive data to the bookmaker.

This is usually confirmed by a certificate, like Thawte. Behind the certificates there are independent organizations that regularly check the provider’s website and thus guarantee technical security.

Best bookmakers on the web – live center decisive?

A good bookmaker on the net should definitely have live bets. Because these are right on trend. Moreover, the real-time excitement is exciting and lucrative. No wonder that many betting friends now prefer live betting. Fans can bet live in the stadium using the sports betting app and immediately place a tip as soon as the odds change for the better.

One criterion that speaks for a good bookmaker in this area is the betting offer. Here the bookmaker should not concentrate exclusively on football matches, but should also offer sports such as handball, tennis, basketball, horse racing, volleyball or Formula 1 races. Besides the selection of disciplines, the best online bookmakers have an excellent depth in the betting markets. In some cases, up to 200 betting options are available at a live betting event.

In addition, the live center should be reputable and clearly structured and offer the possibility to follow the game in real time via live stream or animation. A live score is an absolute must for every top betting provider. This is the only way to create professional betting forecasts. Because with live bets it is not only a matter of gut feeling. Betting enthusiasts must analyse the fitness of the team and the past matches of a team, compare statistics and obtain background information in order to make a good bet. You can find out exactly how to do this in our advisor.

Best online bookmakers: Players should sympathize with betting offers

Anyone looking for a suitable bookie for sports betting should take a close look at the scope of the betting offer. Because the bookmaker bets are a selection criterion for the most important online bookmakers. Betting friends should clarify in advance which sports are offered. The best online bookmakers usually cover the entire range of the sport. Starting with football, handball, tennis, basketball and ice hockey to marginal sports like darts or snooker, everything is included. The fact that the best online bookmakers offer Bundesliga bets should be a matter of course. The betting options should also be right in breadth and depth. From about 100 to 150 betting options, one speaks of a good provider. A Top Bookie has up to 300 betting options per sports bet in the portfolio. The fact that the best online bookmakers offer sports bets with stable odds goes without saying.

A good example of a large variety of bets is the provider Sportingbet. Depending on how pronounced the own interests are, the available betting possibilities should be checked, i.e. whether special bets such as result or placement bets may be used. These and many other factors must be taken into account in a bookmaker comparison. We at have tried to include all these criteria in the evaluation.

Best Online Bookmakers: Betting possibilities and odds

With our bookmaker tips you will find that the best bookmaker does not always offer the highest betting odds on a particular sporting event. Basically the highest odds are found in the top sports football, tennis and basketball. Here, the best online bookmakers show odds of constant quality.

Wett tips with high odds are not only offered by the market leaders for the highest divisions. Tips with an excellent odds key are also available in the lower leagues of the individual countries. This expands the range of offers and gives the betting customer additional betting opportunities through specific knowledge of local sports. The “best online bookmaker test” shows that the top betting providers also shine with different betting options. These include popular bet types such as handicap, Asian handicap, goal and result bets, under/over bets as well as special bets on players, coaches, a team, red and yellow cards etc. The top online bookmakers also have single bets, live bets, mobile phone bets, combi bets and system bets.

By the way, for betting friends who like to place system bets, we recommend the following sports betting strategies: when placing system bets, it is worth taking a look at our betting calculator – this is a great tool for quick profit calculation.
Providers who focus on a few sports or exclusively on the top leagues are less interesting for betting customers who value a large portfolio and variety.

Conclusion: Best online betting providers in the test ?

There are countless bookmakers on the Internet. The offer is huge – among them are not only serious providers. For many betting friends the question arises – which of these operators is safe and above all good? Which is the best online bookmaker? Since it is impossible for many betting friends to compare all providers professionally, we at have examined and tested various providers.

The result shows that the best online bookmakers offer bets that are varied and convincing in depth and breadth. They also have a valid license and can offer professional customer service. Furthermore, these providers have various secure and fast payment methods in their portfolio, which are free of charge. The odds of the top online bookmakers are also at a high and stable level. However, top odds are not always achieved in all sports betting areas. Furthermore, the best online bookmakers have an attractive new customer bonus to award. They also shine with many additional offers such as a sports betting app, an online casino, cash-back functions and much more.